Case Studies




LOCATION: Liverpool (UK)

PRODUCT: Facade Danpal® Double 16, 1,040 mm, Ice, 1,513 m²

ARCHITECT: David Millington, BDP (UK)

CONTRACTOR: Weatherwise (UK)


THE NEED: The triangular building of the Enterprise South Liverpool Academy (ESLA) is an educational centre that welcomes 1,100 students. Danpal’s brief was to create materials expressing the values of this place of learning.

THE DANPAL SOLUTION: A brick base represents the soundness and durability of education, upon which rests a strip of reflective aluminium, like a protective shell that surrounds the building. The strip stretches from the north entrance to the south side, where it rises to form an impressive signage before plunging and winding around the learning spaces. By contrast, right next to the school, the sports hall plays on transparency. This rectangular building, connected to the school by the aluminium strip, is covered with double skin Danpal® cladding. The Danpal® double skin system was chosen for its thermal efficiency, and the ice color for its ability to transmit light that creates a clear, white, luminous atmosphere inside the sports room. It was also chosen for the evenness it gives to the wall. Its finish and neutral color work very well with the aluminium, while contrasting with the solid base created by the black bricks.

THE RESULT: The materials chosen express the values of learning: a brick base for the durability of education, reflective aluminium acts as a protective shell, and the ice color Danpal® double skin system transmitting light to create a luminous atmosphere inside the sports room.